Why are we so obsessed with our brows?

6th Jun, 2017

By Camilla Seton

In practical terms the eyebrow has two simple functions: preventing dirt and sweat entering our eyes and portraying our emotions. Surely that’s it? 20 years ago this most certainly was the case.

However, I ask countless women each day what key feature makes their face stand out. Many now claim it is their eyebrows – not their eyes, mouth or nose. In fact research suggests that brows are more important than eyes if you want to make a lasting impression.

To be honest this does not surprise me, and probably not you. We have been bombarded, yes quite literally, with articles, photos, videos and social media feeds about brows. We are now a nation obsessed with them.

Every day…

…we are flooded with images of what we are lead to believe are the perfect brows, whether that be Cara Delavigne’s or Emily Ratajkowski. Soon we think we need that look. Not taking into account our face shape, skin tone or hair shade – or in fact if we actually need that look.

We try and achieve this look naturally and if not possible we then start to look for alternative methods such as pencils, tints and indeed permanent makeup. Whilst seeking that method, we are still being inundated with celebrity brows via every possible social media feed possible. Then of course there are the thousands of products available for our brows, which further feeds our obsession to have perfect brows.

We are literally surrounded by the Brow!

However what many fail to realise is that what we want and what we get can actually be very different and dangerous scenarios.

When we get our eyebrows done, whether that be HD or permanent makeup, we instantly take a carbon copy picture of what they look like. This picture stays with us and without realising, we constantly refer back to this each time we look in that mirror.

After the treatment our brows naturally start to change, they start to fade or lose definition. We start to get critical and once again compare our brows with others. As more time passes, we start to panic as they now “look completely different to when we had them done” or “look nothing like the brows I wanted”.

Well at least that’s what our mental carbon copy image tells us. To others they look perfectly natural and probably suit us. However, we either go back for further treatments or start to pencil them in again.

And when we are not happy with our brows, or anything for that matter, we return to the mirror to focus on them even more. We stare until we find everything we don’t like about them which of course magnifies the issue. As a result our impression is now as far away from that original carbon copy as possible.

Reality is…

that no one else see’s what you “think you” see and what is perfect for one person will not necessarily be perfect for you – yet we continue to chase our illusion. This is where it becomes an unhealthy obsession. On many occasions women have approached me for help as they have had their permanent makeup done numerous times and a result the skin becomes saturated with pigmentation.

One thing I say to all my clients is “Be your own kind of beautiful” and always listen to expert advice!

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