Top 11 questions you should always ask your Permanent Makeup artist

6th Jul, 2017

How experienced are you and can I see your qualifications?

Always establish when and where the Permanent Makeup artist qualified and ask to see any qualification they have. These may be included on their website or they can send this information to you via email.

Can I see or even speak to previous clients of yours to see examples of your work?

Most experienced Permanent Makeup artists would encourage you to look at examples of previous work and put you in touch with clients of theirs. Most of my clients would be delighted to chat about their experience and share their journey.

What is Permanent Makeup?

You may think you know the answer, but many of my clients do not. There is a lot of information out there about Permanent Makeup, most of which is not 100% accurate. Your Permanent Makeup artist should without doubt be able to reel of everything you need to know and more about Permanent Makeup and ensure it is relayed in a clear, concise and accurate way.

What are the risks with Permanent Makeup and is there any chance of an infection?

In the hands of a skilled person, the procedures are generally safe. Although allergic reactions are rare, your artist must adhere to the strictest sterilisation procedures at all times. Your artist must use a new, single use disposable, sterile needle and all procedures must conform to the British and European Health and Safety standards.

What should I avoid doing after my Permanent Makeup?

An experienced Permanent Makeup artist will adhere to a strict aftercare routine that they will explain to you before and after your treatment. The aftercare procedure is the most important stage in Permanent Makeup and can affect the longevity of the pigment on the skin. They should also be at the other end of the phone / email / message for any concerns you have and should definitely not charge for this.

What if I am worried about something after Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup artists will want to ensure you are 100% happy with your new brows and should insist that you contact them if you have any concerns or questions. My clients contact me via email, phone, Facebook, text and it’s important that I can respond to them as quickly as possible. The post treatment journey can be hard for some people so it’s important they feel that can have reassurance as soon as needed.

If I don’t think Permanent Makeup is right for me will you tell me?

Experienced Permanent Makeup artists will not carry out the treatment if they feel Permanent Makeup is not right for their client. This may be due to a number of factors including effects of previous treatments, skin type, expectations etc. When a client leaves my salon they have my brand and reputation imprinted on their face, so it is essential that my work is of the highest standard possible.

Will I see what the shape will look like before you do it?

Permanent Makeup should never be carried out until the template has been drawn onto your face and you have seen this. The template may need to be adapted depending on both yours and the artist’s thoughts. Permanent Makeup would only begin once both parties are 100% happy.

Does it hurt and will you be using anaesthetic?

Permanent Makeup artists should use a topical anaesthetic when needed to help numb the areas to be treated. This helps to alleviate any minor discomfort you may experience during the procedure. Everyone has their own unique level of pain tolerance. Some people feel that certain areas of the face are more sensitive than others, so special emphasis should be placed on making the client as comfortable as possible. A variety of topical anaesthetics are on hand to ensure that your procedure is as pain-free as possible.

How long will my Permanent Makeup last? And how permanent is permanent

Your Permanent Makeup artist will explain to you that it will usually last between 12 months and 3 years. They should also explain that this will heavily depend on your lifestyle. Factors such as sun/sunbeds, beauty products, cigarettes, alcohol, and chlorine may have an impact on the longevity of the pigment on your skin. As part of my procedure I invite clients back 4-6 weeks post treatment for a perfecting re-evaluation appointment. I always recommend leaving the same amount of time until any holidays and always use a total block SPF cream.

When should I have my colour boost?

There is no set rule for the length of time between your initial treatment and your colour boost and in fact it can vary from 12 months to 3 years. Your Permanent Makeup artist must explain that your brows will naturally start to change/fade/lose definition but this does not necessarily mean you are ready for a colour boost. It is essential that your skin is not overloaded with pigment as this will saturate the skin which can create scar tissue.
The length of time until your colour boost varies from person to person as skin type, diet, genetics and environmental factors can all contribute to how long the pigments will be retained in the skin. For instance, sun bed use and sun exposure have a bearing on the pigment retention as well as some “medical” facial products but this can be prevented with proper protection.

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