Juicy Oasis Retreat – May 2016

10th Jun, 2016

As many of you will know the last year has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs for me personally, so I decided to take myself away for a little indulgence Camilla style! With a little trepidation I boarded my flight as a solo passenger to sunny Portugal and Jason Vales Juicy Oasis.

Saturday 21st May – Serta, Portugal
My first juice ‘Turbo Green’ to kick start my week here.
While sipping on nature’s natural ingredients contained within the flourescent green juice, I took a few moments to savour my weeks surroundings. Can life get any better than this? #innerpeace

Sunday 22nd May
Not one to veer from my normal fitness regime! Same time, different place – my Oasis this morning.

Well it’s the end of day 2 and I have to say I feel fab! No hunger pangs, no bloated tummy. My day started @ 6am in the morning with 75 mins gym session followed by a sauna topped of with a freezing ice cold plunge pool! Then lots of exercise throughout the day including trying to keep my balance on a trampoline the size of a 2 pence piece!!! I finished the day off with relaxing yoga session, just what the doctor ordered! I am now in my ‘Pod’ with a cup of camomile tea looking forward to my morning mountain walk and more juice.


Monday 23rd May
Weighted vest ready for my 10k mountain walk ‪#‎training‬‬ ‪#‎crazy‬

So here we are at day 3 already! My usual 6am gym in the gym followed by a 9am 10k mountain walk with weighted jacket and of course I ran back lol! 11.30 spin class, followed by rebounding, yoga, volleyball and circuits but … the best bit was the most amazing deep tissue massage followed by aromatherapy candlelit pool and pod cocoons that rock with your own body rhythm! Can feel the detoxing happening, yes believe it or not I’m actually relaxing folks. Going to sleep like a baby.

Tuesday 24th May
Wow day 4, this week is flying by!. The day started with my usual 6am gym session then another weighted vest 10k hill climb – legs are feeling it! Raining today ..boo! So more yoga, core training and boiling hot sauna sessions followed by plunging into ice cold pool …eeek! Great documentary tonight called Food Matters – how Pharmaceutical companies make their money on prescription pills that are killing us!!! Very thought provoking. Ps still not feeling hungry lol!

Wednesday 25th May
It’s day 5! guess what? More juices lol! Great PT session this morning, another mountain hike, yoga, core strengthening and then yay the sun came out so some chill time by the pool followed by relaxing massage. Have met some great ladies here this week. Long climb tomorrow so going to get my beauty sleep … and stop thinking about FOOD lol!

Thursday 26th May
Started day 5 with yoga followed by a ‘Power Greens’ shot before heading off for the longest walk of the week!

I COULD EAT MY FLIP FLOP!!! Have to admit I am a little hungry, maybe due to the fact that it’s sunny back home and everyone is talking about BBQ’s and I’ve just drunk what resembles pond water …YUK!! but …I’m sticking with the programme. That said I feel great, full of energy and managed to get some rays. Great mountain walk today, volleyball and yoga. Now for the wheatgrass shot – yummy lol.

Friday 27th May
Gym PT done, yoga done, now ready for the “mile high” walk! Looking forward to later today!

OMG!! First food for 6 days – Ice cream – literally frozen banana and strawberry – flip flop has been saved lol!

Saturday 28th May
Final day!! It’s raining but so what – just come back from an exhilarating 10k walk with Juicing buddy Sara. Today we get to EAT REAL FOOD – yay! Forgotten how to chew lol! Yogurt, granola, honey & fruit with avocado salad and hummus – heaven on a plate! Packing and saying goodbye to my juicing buddies. Thank you all for being part of my journey – you are awesome!

Last picture before I leave Juicy Oasis – it’s been amazing! – up, downs and roundabouts but now feeling relaxed, refreshed and recharged ready for the next journey. Can’t wait to get home to see my amazing family, friends and not forgetting my pooches.

Camilla xxxx

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