I am worried my eyebrows will look fake

1st Aug, 2017

My job is to ensure that when you leave my salon you are “In love with your new brows”

If I do not think I can create the perfect brow for you or meet your expectations, then I will discuss this with you. I will not compromise your brows, your happiness or my reputation if the end result is anything less than perfect.

Permanent Makeup

…is not designed to be like a regular tattoo. By this I mean that permanent makeup is designed to soften over time as the pigment applied to your skin will rise to surface.

Your consultation period with me isn’t short. I have been doing this job for over 10 years, so this stage is specifically designed to enable me to assess your brows, shape of your face, skin tone and your expectations. All of these factors are essential when establishing your perfect brows.

We will go through various exercises, questions and examples to ensure you are 100% happy and confident before we begin.

Using tailor made stencils..

…I will draw on the shape of the brow so that you can see what we are looking to achieve.
My ethos when it comes to the shape and colour is that your brows do not look like a tattoo. Your brows need to reflect you. Your face will change as you get older so I will ensure your brows naturally reflect that.

A thicker, darker brow on a 25 year old would not necessarily suit someone much older. So we need to start with a brow that is adaptable.

It is always easier to add than take away.

However one thing I cannot stress enough is that your brows will initially appear a lot darker. So be prepared for that. The first time you look in that mirror you will take a photocopy of your brows. After time your brows will soften, and most of us will continue to refer back to that original photocopy that is now imprinted in our minds. We then assume our brows are no longer perfect. When in fact they are.

Please remember that I am always here to answer any questions or concerns.

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