HD Brows – Not just for the rich and famous!

20th Dec, 2010

When it comes to looking incredible, Britain’s celebrities are realising that their eyebrows can play a staring role. That’s why the HD Brows treatment is becoming more and more popular amongst those who really care about how they look. From the X Factor to the Jungle and even Strictly Come Dancing, the contestants and judges are all loving their new HD Brows.

X Factor Make-up Director Liz Martin knew she had to call in the brow police after finalist Cher Lloyd’s thin, arched brows were generating more tabloid column inches than her performance.

I’m a Celebrities Queen of the Jungle, Stacey Soloman was thrilled with the results of her treatments which included HD Brows, LVL Lashes and Nouveau Lashes and left her feeling confident and prepared to go and win the show.

The word is spreading so fast that even HD Brows training is getting its celebrity appearances. In October Katie Price and her famous make-up artist Gary Cockerill completed the HD Brows training course whilst being filmed for her What Katie Did Next show.

Its not just the rich and famous who want celebrity brows – Camilla @ Tranquility Beauty Salon, HD Brow Specialist and Permanent Makeup technician has seen her appointment books fill up.

For more information or to book an appointment call Camilla on 01634 730877.

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