Face shape matters when it comes to Permanent Makeup

7th Dec, 2017

It is important for any permanent makeup artist to take the shape of your face into consideration when doing permanent makeup. It is surprising how the right shape brow can enhance the shape of the face:

  • Oval faces do well with softly angled brows
  • Square faces need softer curves to soften the angles of the face
  • Heart shaped faces suit high, narrow arches to help add height to the brows and add width to the jaw line
  • Round faces suit narrow brows with an angular arch to help make the face look longer
  • Rectangle face do well with a sift wide arch which is fairly flat to make the head look rounder and widen the eyes
  • Diamond faces suit higher brows with a wider arch to help widen the forehead and jaw
    Pear shapes faces do well with wide, high arches with lifted tails to help lift and widen the eyes and brows
    Square faces suit a wide, high arch on the brows with lifted tails that are swept up and away from the jaw to help make the face look longer

Although your permanent makeup artist will use their knowledge and experience when setting your template, it is essential, however, that both you and your permanent makeup artist come to an agreement on the shape of your brow.

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