6th Jul, 2017

How much time you actually spent grooming your eyebrows before Permanent Makeup!

Pre Permanent Makeup most clients spend on average 15 minutes per day perfecting their brows – which is over 84 hours per year! You will now realise how much of an inconvenience and bore this was.

You can’t stop looking at your new brows.

With your perfect new brows, you will become a “Brow Snob” without even realising it. You will now notice and analyse other brows around you.

You no longer have to worry about smudging those brows.

Sweating or getting wet is no longer an issue thank goodness – no more worries about smudging you’re pencilled in brows!

You can now exercise knowing your brows will “Stay Put”

Looking good in the gym is essential for so many people and perfect brows is a huge part of that. Knowing your brows will stay in place means no more excuses for missing those workouts!

Your beauty routine is considerably reduced.

However this does not mean you should spend more time on another area of your routine!

You will realise that Permanent Makeup is the best thing ever!

You will start telling everyone how fab Permanent Makeup is and how you wish you had it done years ago!

6th Jun, 2017

By Camilla Seton

In practical terms the eyebrow has two simple functions: preventing dirt and sweat entering our eyes and portraying our emotions. Surely that’s it? 20 years ago this most certainly was the case.

However, I ask countless women each day what key feature makes their face stand out. Many now claim it is their eyebrows – not their eyes, mouth or nose. In fact research suggests that brows are more important than eyes if you want to make a lasting impression.

To be honest this does not surprise me, and probably not you. We have been bombarded, yes quite literally, with articles, photos, videos and social media feeds about brows. We are now a nation obsessed with them.

Every day…

…we are flooded with images of what we are lead to believe are the perfect brows, whether that be Cara Delavigne’s or Emily Ratajkowski. Soon we think we need that look. Not taking into account our face shape, skin tone or hair shade – or in fact if we actually need that look.

We try and achieve this look naturally and if not possible we then start to look for alternative methods such as pencils, tints and indeed permanent makeup. Whilst seeking that method, we are still being inundated with celebrity brows via every possible social media feed possible. Then of course there are the thousands of products available for our brows, which further feeds our obsession to have perfect brows.

We are literally surrounded by the Brow!

However what many fail to realise is that what we want and what we get can actually be very different and dangerous scenarios.

When we get our eyebrows done, whether that be HD or permanent makeup, we instantly take a carbon copy picture of what they look like. This picture stays with us and without realising, we constantly refer back to this each time we look in that mirror.

After the treatment our brows naturally start to change, they start to fade or lose definition. We start to get critical and once again compare our brows with others. As more time passes, we start to panic as they now “look completely different to when we had them done” or “look nothing like the brows I wanted”.

Well at least that’s what our mental carbon copy image tells us. To others they look perfectly natural and probably suit us. However, we either go back for further treatments or start to pencil them in again.

And when we are not happy with our brows, or anything for that matter, we return to the mirror to focus on them even more. We stare until we find everything we don’t like about them which of course magnifies the issue. As a result our impression is now as far away from that original carbon copy as possible.

Reality is…

that no one else see’s what you “think you” see and what is perfect for one person will not necessarily be perfect for you – yet we continue to chase our illusion. This is where it becomes an unhealthy obsession. On many occasions women have approached me for help as they have had their permanent makeup done numerous times and a result the skin becomes saturated with pigmentation.

One thing I say to all my clients is “Be your own kind of beautiful” and always listen to expert advice!

16th May, 2017

By Eileen

I have difficulty remembering things, which has got me in trouble in the past especially when it comes to my makeup. On many occasions I have completed my makeup, only to discover I may have gone a little over the top with the brow liner or lipstick. I do find this funny but I am also thankful people tell me when this is the case!

I have always taken pride in my appearance and enjoy making the effort. So when this became more difficult my daughter suggested I have permanent make up for eyebrows.

After all mine did tend to have a life of their own!

To be honest…

…I fell in love with Camilla when I met her – she was extremely confident and I felt instantly comfortable in the salon.

I was not nervous or anxious about having them done. I was just excited. The pain did not bother me at all as my daughter told me not to worry after having hers done. Plus I knew I was in good hands.

When I initially saw them…

…for the first time, I loved them and the darkness did not alarm me at all.

In fact I could not stop looking at them to check they were still there, even days after. I would look in the mirror first thing in the morning to check they hadn’t moved!

The great thing about having them…

…done is that I do not have to think about them at all – I know they are safe up there and not having a party!

Some people questioned why I was getting them done –however now they have seen them they love them too. Some have asked more about them and where I got them done. So I think I have inspired other women around my age to go for it.

You only live once and if something is going to save time and worry – then do it! Im 79 and I did!

16th May, 2017

I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes which with age turned to bags and the skin was starting to sag. Fed up with people telling me how tired I looked and hitting 40 I guessed things weren’t to get any better. I started considering plastic surgery.

It was upon chance whilst scrolling through Facebook that I came across Camilla Seton and her new forthcoming treatment, Fibroblast. On reading up about the procedure I found myself excited to think that my bags and saggy skin may be a thing of the past and immediately booked a consultation for the following week.

Camilla was lovely to meet and I felt at ease and confident in her experience. Camilla had the Fibroblast procedure the day before and it was interesting to see how she looked post treatment and also to experience her journey with it too. I booked an appointment for the treatment the following day.

Numbing cream was applied for an hour before we started and the procedure itself was fairly quick, around 30 minutes. It was at times quite uncomfortable. Post treatment I had a heavy burning sensation and felt pretty sore. Camilla sent me away with all the do’sand dont’s and was always at the end of the phone checking in on me for the next week.

For that evening I dosed myself up on Ibuprofen and had ice packs over my eyes all evening. Admittedly I didn’t sleep very well. My eyes felt like they were in fire, sore and started to swell.

Day 2 was by far the worst day. Very sore and swollen eyes and It was when my daughter told me she couldn’t look at me because I ‘freaked her out’ that I began to think what the hell have I done. Camilla was at the end of the phone to put me at ease.

Day 3 things started to improve, not so sore or swollen and no need for Ibuprofen and I could see that some of the crusts were starting to dry out.

By day 7 the crusts very dry and tight and some started to fall away. This was complete by day 9 and I was finally able to see myself properly. I was so pleased with what I was seeing. The skin was much tighter and fresher and I could see a massive improvement. I am looking forward to seeing how the changes will continue over the next few weeks.

Family and friends have also commented on how much better my eyes now look.

Overall although I found this procedure quite painful but I am so glad that I have had it done and have no regrets at all. I have hardly been out over the last week due to the downtime of the procedure and when I have been out I did get some very funny stares which made me giggle to myself.

If you are feeling unhappy with your wrinkles and want to turn back the time then please consider Camilla and Fibroblast, I’m so glad that I did!

16th May, 2017

Brow family header“I have never been one for piling on the makeup but the first thing I always look at are my eyebrows. I was definitely an “over tweezer” and occasionally used the home wax strips which inevitably meant I damaged my eyebrows over the years. The lack of shape and definition always concerned me so about 8 years ago I started having HD brows with Camilla. I learnt a lot about Permanent Makeup during this time and always thought about having mine done…but never actually went through with it.

I remember the first time I met Camilla, she was so friendly and took such an interest in me and what I wanted.
Once I had my children I decided that the time was perfect to have permanent make up done. Plus I am getting married this year which is the perfect reason. I did not need to do any research, I had been with Camilla for 8 years and knew a lot about the process, the pre and post care and the quality of her work. There was never a doubt in my mind that I would not use Camilla. Also my mum had her eyebrows done with Camilla years ago, so if it was good enough for mum then it was good enough for me.

November 2016
Once I decided I wanted it done, I discussed with Camilla when was the best time to have them done due to my forthcoming wedding.

January 2017
The pack of information I received prior and post treatment was great, more than enough information in there and if I did have any concerns I knew Camilla would be at the end of the phone…email, Facebook, Twitter etc. lol

February 2017
As the time drew closer I did have mixed emotions. I was 100% excited about my new brows but had also convinced myself that the pain was going to be quite severe – even though I have a high pain threshold I wasn’t sure how I would be.

The day has arrived!
However, I actually found the procedure less painful than threading! I definitely expected it to be worse than it was. Camilla was great throughout too, I felt completely at ease and having that faith and trust in someone is vital.

Immediately post procedure
The first thing I did, as I think most people would, is grab a mirror! I loved them straight away. I knew they were going to be a lot darker initially, and I think it’s important to remember this as I can imagine some are quite shocked. This always fades. I could not stop looking at them, even after my appointment I just sat in my car to stare at them in the rear view mirror for about 10 minutes.

Day after
Some people take a few days off post appointment, but I was straight back to work the following day for a conference! It was funny as colleagues of mine were looking at me with a “There is something different about you, but I’m not quite sure what it is” look. I am not particularly self-conscious and did not have a lot of make up on that day, so they probably stood out more than ever. I’d suggest that if anyone is concerned about the darkness of them straight after, definitely book a few days off work etc. But this really did not concern me. They both healed quite quickly to be honest and I did not get too much scabbing, mainly flaky dry skin. Although I religiously followed the aftercare rules, I daren’t not knowing what Camilla may say!

3 days after
However, a few days after my son accidentally scratched my face and caught my right eyebrow which meant the small scab that had formed came away. Some of the colour pigmentation came away with it, which is why it’s so important to let any scabs come away naturally. I phoned Camilla straight away and she just calmly assured me this would be addressed during my re-evaluation. Phew.

March 2017
I have just had my re-evaluation and we just adjusted a few areas.
I absolutely love my new eyebrows! The amount of time I now save in the morning is brilliant!
If you have been thinking about having permanent make up then I would highly recommend doing it, with Camilla – and if you are about to have it done then remember that your eyebrows will be extremely dark and defined straight after, however this will fade. Just follow the pre and post instructions and the healing go smoothly.

I am now a member of the “Brow Family” and find myself constantly looking at peoples eyebrows to determine if they are also part of the family! Some may say I’ve become a “Brow Snob”!

27th Feb, 2017

Fibroblast – the non-surgical eye lifting, line and wrinkle reducing, skin tightening procedure.

I am so proud and excited to introduce the PureBeau Fibroblast Treatment. I am one of the first Salons and therapists in Kent to be pioneering this new non-surgical eye lifting, line and wrinkle reducing, skin tightening procedure.  Say goodbye to excess skin, bags and wrinkles and dramatically reduce hooded eyelids.  No Laser, just natural rejuvenation with instant results after the healing process.

With over 15 years experience in the beauty industry and permanent makeup, both as an artist and permanent makeup trainer with Karen Betts and Nouveau, this for me is one of the most exciting new treatments that you can have without the need for surgery or the additional anaesthetic and recovery times it entails.  This latest technology is a huge step forward in anti-wrinkle treatments – the skin is instantly tightened without invasive surgery or scalpels,.

How does this work? 

The treatment works by stimulating the contraction of the skin fibres instantly through a plasma flash, which evaporates superficially on the skin at a tiny point and the skin is shrunk around it.  By working in a grid across the skin’s surface this acts by pulling the skin tighter.

How long does a treatment take?

A full consultation is taken with you prior to any treatment, the areas being treated are then anaesthetised, and it takes around 30 minutes per area to complete.

Are there any side effects?

You are left with a slight redness around the area treated, with swelling occurring within 1-2 days. After 7 days, the “crusts” will “fall off” and the skin underneath will be pink and remodelled. This redness can take up to 3 weeks to go.

What results can I expect to achieve after the healing process?
Eyelids will “feel” lighter, with the hooded eyelids dramatically reduced, fine lines and wrinkles will smooth out, skin will feel smoother, and reduction in excess folds of skin. You may notice that the application of make-up is easier and has increased longevity too!

How much is a treatment?

Prices start from £250.  Why not take advantage of my introductory offer and get 20% off* your first treatment if booked in now!

Want to find out more?

For more information on all the treatments available at the Salon, browse through my website or follow my progress diary on Facebook after having the Fibroblast treatment by clicking here and don’t forget to like my page to get regular updates!

*subject to Terms and conditions below:
Only one discount per person on the first Fibroblast treatment
Cancellations must be greater than 72 hours, or a cancellation charge maybe incurred

25th Oct, 2016

With October nearly over and marking the end of ‘Cancer Awareness Month’, I wanted to write to you all with some information about my Auction on my Business Facebook Page.  It has been very prominent in the media this last week reaching out to each and every one of us to dig deep and donate for #standuptocancer and #kickcancerinthebutt on Channel 4 on Friday 21st.  They have raised over 15 million so far for #standuptocancer and told so many sad stories.  With 1 in 2 of us affected by cancer all of us in one way or another have or are being touched by Cancer.  I certainly have!, I lost my late fiance 15 years ago and then my beloved husband David this year to this god awful disease! and now my precious Daddy battling bladder cancer.  This was then and is now the reason why I do what I do and am so personally passionate in giving my little bit to help and make people look good and feel better.  With your bids to the auction, you can help fight and help to change those odds!

From the bottom of my heart, please dig deep to raise the bids so we can make a difference.

Get involved with a ‘gift of confidence’ by bidding to win, gift or donate a set of Permanent Brows, in aid of Cancer Awareness Month with 50% of the final donation going to the Wisdom Hospice (who took such good care of David in his last days) and the other 50% to a Cancer Charity of the highest donators choice. I will be providing the treatment FREE OF CHARGE (normally £450.00) but also matching the winning bid in Memory of my ‘dreamy cappuccino maker’ a.k.a. my hubby David. The donation cheques will be taken by myself and the donator and handed over to the two charities, which may include local press to help raise awareness further.


HOW TO BID – Please place your auction amount in the comments for the pinned post.  ON TUESDAY 1ST NOVEMBER @ 8PM  I  will be GOING ‘LIVE’ ON FACEBOOK for the final 30 minutes of the auction and hope that you can all join me and place your final bids.

If you wish to donate in addition to the auction, please visit my Virgin Money Giving page http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CamillaSeton

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

See you all soon

Camilla xxxxx


10th Oct, 2016


As you all know, Cancer has hit my family more than once, and with Cancer Awareness Month during October I wanted to give something back. I have decided to ‘Auction a Permanent Makeup Brow Treatment’ in October, with 50% of the final donation going to the Wisdom Hospice and the other 50% to a Cancer Charity of the highest donators choice.  I will be providing the treatment FREE OF CHARGE and the donation cheques will be taken by myself and the donator and handed over to the two charities*

The post will be pinned at the top of my Facebook page on Friday 14th October; The Big Pink Day.  Please place your auction amount in the comments for this post only.  On Saturday 29th October at 12 noon I will be going ‘Live’ on facebook for the final 15 minute countdown and hope you can all join me.

See you all soon

Camilla xxxxx


*Please Note – there may be media coverage when the cheques are handed over to both charities, either in Local Press or Social Media.

20th Sep, 2016


As one of Karen Betts Elite Artists, I was proud to represent Karen Betts and the Nouveau Beauty Group at the Professional Beauty North show in Manchester, where we were showcasing some of the most sought after Permanent Makeup treatments, via LIVE demonstrations.

One of the many highlights at the show was the LIVE demonstrations of ‘Microblading’ a technique which is taking the Permanent Makeup industry by storm at the moment, and already offered here within my salon as well as recently being featured in Elle Magazine and the Daily Mail.  The technique uses a special hand tool to provide a highly defined natural looking end result, with famous names such as alopecia sufferer Gail Porter who recently had her brows Microbladed by Karen and was overjoyed with the result.  More information about Microblading can be found on my website here.

Karen also launched her new K.B Pro lip pigment range with some gorgeous colours and incredible pigment retention.  This compliments the existing K.B Pro pigment range for brows and eyes launched last year, which are also used in the salon.

I am busy back at PM HQ (a.k.a. Permanent Makeup Head Quarters/Camilla Seton Beauty & Aesthetics) creating some beautiful brows as well as busy planning some announcements to be published soon, one of them being for Cancer awareness month in October, so keep your eyes peeled.

Camilla x




11th Jul, 2016

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