8th Aug, 2017

“So so pleased with my beautiful brows. Felt unhappy and embarrassed and self conscious for years and this lady has changed that in 2 hours! Can’t say enough.”

“Microblading has made me look like me again”

“I absolutely love this lady…she is amazing at what she does and I trust her 100%..her skill and work is outstanding and today gave me back all that confidence with my gorgeous new brows!!”

“I cannot recommend Camilla enough, I had my eyebrows done two weeks ago and I’ve had nothing but compliments. They’re so natural looking, they’ve really boosted my confidence. Camilla is an amazing professional.”
“I would highly recommend Camilla to anyone. She is a gem at what she does! Simply the best!!”

“I’m so so happy with them and most grateful that I overheard a conversation two years ago about “the Brow lady” and managed to track Camilla down. To look in the mirror and see eyebrows on your face is a wonderful feeling that a lot of people take for granted . I can’t thank Camilla enough for the kindness and understanding she’s shown me. She is a truly honest caring and extremely talented lady who is also now a dear friend.”

“I have, for the first time in years, fabulous eyebrows and Camilla is a fabulous lady.”

“I can’t believe what a difference this really wonderful woman has made to my confidence. I have never been made to feel more comfortable and at ease as I have been here today. Thank u Camilla for making me feel amazing and giving me back my confidence.”

“Where do I start I’m lost for words this lady is truly amazing at what she does I am in love with my new brows for anyone thinking of having their brows done or any permanent make-up done this is the lady you need to see so welcoming calming & friendly every bit of information you needed to no was answered such a perfectionist Camilla honestly is such a wonderful talented woman thank you so much I already can’t wait for my next appointment.”

“I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more to have Camilla tattoo my eyebrows. For someone who doesn’t do fake or write reviews I’ve broken my rules 100% happy thank you”

8th Aug, 2017

The aftercare procedure you follow post permanent makeup is essential and can have a huge impact on the healing process and longevity of the pigment. You can usually go about your daily routine immediately after your appointment, but some clients experience some swelling and redness which normally subsides within 48 hours.

However, there are factors that will affect the longevity of the pigment and therefore the longevity of your permanent makeup:

Skin type
Whether it is oily, dry or combination, your skin type will affect the healing process post treatment and in turn affect the longevity of your permanent makeup. Ensure your permanent makeup technician carries out an in depth consultation to assess your skin type and the required aftercare procedure.

UV exposure
Exposure to UV Rays including the sun, sunbeds and even computer screens will impact on the longevity of your permanent makeup. Until your brows are completely healed ensure you avoid direct sunlight, wear an SPF every day and use other protectors including sunglasses and a hat.

A dip in the pool may seem like a great idea in the heat, especially whist on holiday, but chlorine can affect your new brows. Avoid chlorine until your brows have completely healed and if you are unsure always consult your permanent makeup artist.

Applying and removing your makeup immediately after having your brows done may impact on the longevity of the pigment. Avoid wearing makeup around the brow area and when removing makeup be careful when applying and removing so that you do not scratch, rub or wipe the brow. Try using a cotton bud to gently remove any makeup around the brow. Your permanent makeup technician will show you how to do this.

We all need to wash, but we probably wash our face without really thinking about it. You must be extremely careful after having your brows done, particularly during the healing process as the slightest scratch or knock will affect the healing process.

Exercise is important for some and forms a part of their daily life. However, after having permanent makeup it is important to be careful as sweating or accidentally scratching the brow or lip can have a huge impact on the healing process.

Beauty products
Some beauty products, particularly anti-aging, may affect your permanent makeup healing process due to the product ingredients. Always ensure you avoid applying them to the brow or lip area. If you are unsure or want to check anything, always check with your permanent makeup technician.

Other factors such as smoking and alcohol may impact on the longevity of your permanent makeup so just bear this in mind before and after having permanent makeup done.

1st Aug, 2017

My job is to ensure that when you leave my salon you are “In love with your new brows”

If I do not think I can create the perfect brow for you or meet your expectations, then I will discuss this with you. I will not compromise your brows, your happiness or my reputation if the end result is anything less than perfect.

Permanent Makeup is not designed to be like a regular tattoo. By this I mean that permanent makeup is designed to soften over time as the pigment applied to your skin will rise to surface.

Your consultation period with me isn’t short. I have been doing this job for over 10 years, so this stage is specifically designed to enable me to assess your brows, shape of your face, skin tone and your expectations. All of these factors are essential when establishing your perfect brows.

We will go through various exercises, questions and examples to ensure you are 100% happy and confident before we begin.

Using tailor made stencils, I will draw on the shape of the brow so that you can see what we are looking to achieve.
My ethos when it comes to the shape and colour is that your brows do not look like a tattoo. Your brows need to reflect you. Your face will change as you get older so I will ensure your brows naturally reflect that.

A thicker, darker brow on a 25 year old would not necessarily suit someone much older. So we need to start with a brow that is adaptable.

It is always easier to add than take away.

However one thing I cannot stress enough is that your brows will initially appear a lot darker. So be prepared for that. The first time you look in that mirror you will take a photocopy of your brows. After time your brows will soften, and most of us will continue to refer back to that original photocopy that is now imprinted in our minds. We then assume our brows are no longer perfect. When in fact they are.

Please remember that I am always here to answer any questions or concerns.

1st Aug, 2017

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions, and understandably so.

I can never predict how long your Permanent Makeup will last before you need a colour boost.

In a previous blog I spoke about how our skin is an unbalanced medium and the longevity of your permanent makeup depends on how long the pigment is retained on the skin.

Each time I create a hair stroke, a channel is made for the pigment to sit within. This produces oil and lymph and the level of this produced will depend on your skin type. In turn the amount produced will affect the how your brows heal and by this I mean how much they flake or crust. I hate using those words, but this is what happens.

So in essence your skin type and retention of pigment will affect how well the skin retains this pigment, how your skin heals and therefore how long your colour will last.

Other factors including exposure to sun (yes including sun beds), getting your brows wet, use of anti-ageing products and chlorine etc will have a huge impact on the longevity of your permanent makeup.

I have developed my aftercare package deliberately to contain as much information as possible. It is essential they you adhere to this. Taking good care of your brows post treatment will have a huge impact on your healing process.

Your re-evaluation with me enables me to determine how the healing process is going. I can review if additional strokes are required, if the shape is perfect and assess any colour change.

Remember your brows are designed to soften, so it’s important not to panic if you notice they fade slightly.

6th Jul, 2017

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get, as most people assume this should be done 12 months after their treatment.

This is not necessarily the case, as the length of time needed varies enormously between every client.

The skin is an unbalanced platform and the timing of your colour boost will depend on the length of time your skin retains the pigment.

Your skin type, whether it be oily, dry, combination, will affect the healing process post treatment. In turn your skin type will affect how soon you need your colour boost.

In addition, the timing of your colour boost will be affected by other factors including exposure to sun (yes including sun beds), use of anti-ageing products, smoking, alcohol, makeup and chlorine etc. These factors have a huge impact on the longevity of your permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is designed to soften over time, particularly with darker brows, and the need for a colour boost will depend on the above factors as well as your personal preference.

We naturally take a photocopy of our brows as soon as they are done. After time your brows will soften, and most of us will continue to refer back to that original photocopy that is now imprinted in our minds. We then assume our brows are no longer perfect. When in fact they probably are.

I will ensure the time is right for you to have your colour boost and the reason for that is I do not want to saturate your skin with too much pigment.

After your re-evaulation I will always be at the end of the phone, email, social media etc. I will contact you after 12 months to see how you are getting on. At this stage I will ask you to send an image of your brows so that I can see if you require a colour boost, some clients even come back to me and show me in person.

One of the key questions I will ask anyone who is unsure if they need their colour boost is “do you feel the need to pencil in your brows in every day regardless of whether you are wearing makeup?”

6th Jul, 2017

How experienced are you and can I see your qualifications?
Always establish when and where the Permanent Makeup artist qualified and ask to see any qualification they have. These may be included on their website or they can send this information to you via email.
Can I see or even speak to previous clients of yours to see examples of your work?
Most experienced Permanent Makeup artists would encourage you to look at examples of previous work and put you in touch with clients of theirs. Most of my clients would be delighted to chat about their experience and share their journey.

What is Permanent Makeup?
You may think you know the answer, but many of my clients do not. There is a lot of information out there about Permanent Makeup, most of which is not 100% accurate. Your Permanent Makeup artist should without doubt be able to reel of everything you need to know and more about Permanent Makeup and ensure it is relayed in a clear, concise and accurate way.
What are the risks with Permanent Makeup and is there any chance of an infection?
In the hands of a skilled person, the procedures are generally safe. Although allergic reactions are rare, your artist must adhere to the strictest sterilisation procedures at all times. Your artist must use a new, single use disposable, sterile needle and all procedures must conform to the British and European Health and Safety standards.
What should I avoid doing after my Permanent Makeup?
An experienced Permanent Makeup artist will adhere to a strict aftercare routine that they will explain to you before and after your treatment. The aftercare procedure is the most important stage in Permanent Makeup and can affect the longevity of the pigment on the skin. They should also be at the other end of the phone / email / message for any concerns you have and should definitely not charge for this.
What if I am worried about something after Permanent Makeup?
Permanent Makeup artists will want to ensure you are 100% happy with your new brows and should insist that you contact them if you have any concerns or questions. My clients contact me via email, phone, Facebook, text and it’s important that I can respond to them as quickly as possible. The post treatment journey can be hard for some people so it’s important they feel that can have reassurance as soon as needed.
If I don’t think Permanent Makeup is right for me will you tell me?
Experienced Permanent Makeup artists will not carry out the treatment if they feel Permanent Makeup is not right for their client. This may be due to a number of factors including effects of previous treatments, skin type, expectations etc. When a client leaves my salon they have my brand and reputation imprinted on their face, so it is essential that my work is of the highest standard possible.

Will I see what the shape will look like before you do it?
Permanent Makeup should never be carried out until the template has been drawn onto your face and you have seen this. The template may need to be adapted depending on both yours and the artist’s thoughts. Permanent Makeup would only begin once both parties are 100% happy.

Does it hurt and will you be using anaesthetic?
Permanent Makeup artists should use a topical anaesthetic when needed to help numb the areas to be treated. This helps to alleviate any minor discomfort you may experience during the procedure. Everyone has their own unique level of pain tolerance. Some people feel that certain areas of the face are more sensitive than others, so special emphasis should be placed on making the client as comfortable as possible. A variety of topical anaesthetics are on hand to ensure that your procedure is as pain-free as possible.

How long will my Permanent Makeup last? And how permanent is permanent
Your Permanent Makeup artist will explain to you that it will usually last between 12 months and 3 years. They should also explain that this will heavily depend on your lifestyle. Factors such as sun/sunbeds, beauty products, cigarettes, alcohol, and chlorine may have an impact on the longevity of the pigment on your skin. As part of my procedure I invite clients back 4-6 weeks post treatment for a perfecting re-evaluation appointment. I always recommend leaving the same amount of time until any holidays and always use a total block SPF cream.

When should I have my colour boost?
There is no set rule for the length of time between your initial treatment and your colour boost and in fact it can vary from 12 months to 3 years. Your Permanent Makeup artist must explain that your brows will naturally start to change/fade/lose definition but this does not necessarily mean you are ready for a colour boost. It is essential that your skin is not overloaded with pigment as this will saturate the skin which can create scar tissue.
The length of time until your colour boost varies from person to person as skin type, diet, genetics and environmental factors can all contribute to how long the pigments will be retained in the skin. For instance, sun bed use and sun exposure have a bearing on the pigment retention as well as some “medical” facial products but this can be prevented with proper protection.

6th Jul, 2017

By Camilla Seton

“Rewind 30 years and I never would have thought of becoming a permanent makeup artist.
The truth is I started my journey in response to losing someone very dear to my heart through Cancer. During this period I met some truly inspirational and amazing ladies who, due to their invasive treatment, lost their hair or experienced physical changes. Chatting to these women made me realise how hair plays such a vital role in not only our physical appearance but also our self-confidence and outlook on life. I wanted to try and help ladies in similar positions.
Almost straight away I began studying to become a permanent makeup artist and as soon as I qualified, I set up my own business! My drive and ambition comes from my father and a long line of military!
This was over 15 years ago and today my business is thriving more than ever. I qualified as a Trainer for the Nouveau Beauty Group and I was one of the first Elite permanent makeup artists in the UK to be recognised by the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals in the USA. I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to give something back to new therapists and pass on my “gems of wisdom”.
Every one of my clients is an individual and each bring a different story and reason for choosing permanent makeup. Whether this be for their wedding, holiday, party or body confidence reasons. However the one thing they all have in common is the desire to leave my salon with the “Gift of confidence”. And that is something I pride myself in being able to deliver every time.
Permanent cosmetics is not for everyone and I’m not interested in trying to change that. I just thrive from being able to make a positive impact on someone’s self-esteem and inevitably their big day.
Permanent cosmetics can be whatever you want it to be, from natural, glamorous, obvious or understated. Whatever you choose. However a permanent makeup artist should never let enhancement look anything less than perfect. You’d be surprised how a simple enhancement can make such an impact.
Receiving a photo after a client’s big day melts my heart. I feel as though I had a part in their special day, and probably no one else will ever know. Just the way I like it.
To say I love my job is an understatement.
Life has not always been kind to me but the gift that I am able to give to so many women motivates and drives me forward.
Life is incredibly short so if there is something you want, strive to get it and never underestimate the power of an eyebrow!”

6th Jul, 2017

How much time you actually spent grooming your eyebrows before Permanent Makeup!
Pre Permanent Makeup most clients spend on average 15 minutes per day perfecting their brows – which is over 84 hours per year! You will now realise how much of an inconvenience and bore this was.
You can’t stop looking at your new brows.
With your perfect new brows, you will become a “Brow Snob” without even realising it. You will now notice and analyse other brows around you.
You no longer have to worry about smudging those brows.
Sweating or getting wet is no longer an issue thank goodness – no more worries about smudging you’re penciled in brows!
You can now exercise knowing your brows will “Stay Put”
Looking good in the gym is essential for so many people and perfect brows is a huge part of that. Knowing your brows will stay in place means no more excuses for missing those workouts!

Your beauty routine is considerably reduced.
However this does not mean you should spend more time on another area of your routine!

You will realise that Permanent Makeup is the best thing ever!
You will start telling everyone how fab Permanent Makeup is and how you wish you had it done years ago!

6th Jun, 2017

By Camilla Seton

In practical terms the eyebrow has two simple functions including preventing dirt and sweat entering our eyes and portraying our emotions. Surely that’s it? 20 years ago this most certainly was the case.

However, I ask countless women each day what key feature makes their face stand out, and many now claim it is their eyebrows – not their eyes, mouth or nose. In fact research suggests that brows are more important than eyes if you want to make a lasting impression.

To be honest this does not surprise me, and probably not you. We have been bombarded, yes quite literally, with articles, photos, videos and social media feeds about brows that we are now a nation obsessed with them.

Every day we are flooded with images of what we are lead to believe are the perfect brows, whether that be Cara Delavigne’s or Emily Ratajkowski and we soon we think we need that look. Not taking into account our face shape, skin tone or hair shade – or in fact if we actually need that look.

We try and achieve this look naturally and if not possible we then start to look for alternative methods such as pencils, tints and indeed permanent makeup. Whilst seeking that method, we are still being inundated with celebrity brows via every possible social media feed possible. Then of course there are the thousands of products available for our brows, which further feeds our obsession to have perfect brows.

We are literally surrounded by the Brow!

However what many fail to realise is that what we want and what we get can actually be very different and dangerous scenarios.

When we get our eyebrows done, whether that be HD or permanent makeup, we instantly take a carbon copy picture of what they look like. This picture stays with us and without realising, we constantly refer back to this each time we look in that mirror.

After the treatment our brows naturally start to change, they start to fade or lose definition. We start to get critical and once again compare our brows with others. As more time passes, we start to panic as they now “look completely different to when we had them done” or “look nothing like the brows I wanted”.

Well at least that’s what our mental carbon copy image tells us. To others they look perfectly natural and probably suit us. However, we either go back for further treatments or start to pencil them in again.

And when we are not happy with our brows, or anything for that matter, we return to the mirror to focus on them even more. We stare until we find everything we don’t like about them which of course magnifies the issue. As a result our impression is now as far away from that original carbon copy as possible.

Reality is that no one else see’s what you “think you” see and what is perfect for one person will not necessarily be perfect for you – yet we continue to chase our illusion. This is where it becomes an unhealthy obsession. On many occasions women have approached me for help as they have had their permanent makeup done numerous times and a result the skin becomes saturated with pigmentation.

One thing I say to all my clients is “Be your own kind of beautiful” and always listen to expert advice!

16th May, 2017

I have difficulty remembering things, which has got me in trouble in the past especially when it comes to my makeup. On many occasions I have completed my makeup, only to discover I may have gone a little over the top with the brow liner or lipstick. I do find this funny but I am also thankful people tell me when this is the case!

I have always taken pride in my appearance and enjoy making the effort. So when this became more difficult my daughter suggested I have permanent make up for eyebrows.

After all mine did tend to have a life of their own!

To be honest I fell in love with Camilla when I met her – she was extremely confident and I felt instantly comfortable in the salon.

I was not nervous or anxious about having them done. I was just excited. The pain did not bother me at all as my daughter told me not to worry after having hers done. Plus I knew I was in good hands.

When I initially saw them for the first time, I loved them and the darkness did not alarm me at all.

In fact I could not stop looking at them to check they were still there, even days after. I would look in the mirror first thing in the morning to check they hadn’t moved!

The great thing about having them done is that I do not have to think about them at all – I know they are safe up there and not having a party!

Some people questioned why I was getting them done –however now they have seen them they love them too. In fact some have asked more about them and where I got them done. So I think I have inspired other women around my age to go for it.

You only live once and if something is going to save time and worry – then do it! Im 79 and I did!