9 reasons for having permanent makeup

24th Aug, 2017

Choosing to have Permanent Makeup is a very personal decision and needs to be made with great thought and research. There are a number of factors to consider before deciding to have permanent makeup, including health, skin tone, lifestyle, sun exposure and expectations. In turn there are a number of reasons why people choose to have permanent makeup. Hear what 9 ladies had to say about their reasons:

“I had no brows left since the “over plucking” curse struck me in my teens. Pencilling them in scared me in case it smudged and having them tinted every 3 weeks was such a chore that often I would forget to have them done. Permanent Makeup was the best option for me and I absolutely love them.”

“I was diagnosed with Cancer 2 years ago and as a result of the invasive chemotherapy I lost most of my hair, including my brows. I thought dealing with hair loss would be the hardest part, but actually losing my brows felt like I’d lost my identity. I was not even aware of permanent makeup or that I could even have it done. It was only after a colleague mentioned it that I looked into it and decided to go for it. As soon as I had them done it honestly felt as though I had my face back again!”

“I have never had a lot of hair in my brows and even before the “brow fever” erupted I have always been so self-conscious about them. I used to get them tinted but it still looked obvious that there was not a lot of hair there. I doubt anyone else noticed, but it was my issue and it did not matter what anyone else said. It took a lot of courage to get permanent makeup done but the difference in me and my self-esteem is amazing! No one would ever know that I have had permanent makeup done as they look so natural.”

“I was spending a fortune on brow grooming including tinting and waxing and although permanent makeup is an initial cost, it meant I no longer would need to make appointments every 3 weeks for grooming.”

“I have been penciling my brows in for years. As time went on I started applying the pencil more and more until eventually they resembled slugs! They started looking really fake and I hated that. But in my mind I had to have them as dark as possible and if I did not pencil them in, I looked (in my mind) weird. I knew permanent makeup was the only way I could break my brow obsession and get back to natural looking brows.  It took me a few days to get used to them after permanent makeup but I am not so glad I had them done.”

“It now only takes me 15 minutes to do my makeup as opposed to 30 minutes. My brows would take me 15 minutes per day to groom, which does not sound a lot but when you’re trying to tame 3 small children as well as get ready for work each morning  it really is a long time!”

“I never used to spend any time on my brows. Then about 5 years ago I starting noticing brows were everywhere on social media and so I started plucking, waxing and penciling mine in as I thought they had to look a certain way. In the end I actually lost focus of what my brows were meant to look like and had no idea what shape they should be or what suited me. Permanent Makeup saved me!”

“I just wanted nice brows and could not be bothered to do them myself so I saved up and treated myself! The end”

“I’m in my 70’s so I have very little brow left. I blame it on the age! I have my hair done every month but whenever I look in the mirror I home in on my brows. They always let me down. My daughter had permanent makeup done and persuaded me to go for it. And I am so glad I did. Everyone at my yoga class loves them and has asked where I got them done.”

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