6 things you would only know if you had Microblading done

6th Jul, 2017

How much time you actually spent grooming your eyebrows before Permanent Makeup!

Pre Permanent Makeup most clients spend on average 15 minutes per day perfecting their brows – which is over 84 hours per year! You will now realise how much of an inconvenience and bore this was.

You can’t stop looking at your new brows.

With your perfect new brows, you will become a “Brow Snob” without even realising it. You will now notice and analyse other brows around you.

You no longer have to worry about smudging those brows.

Sweating or getting wet is no longer an issue thank goodness – no more worries about smudging you’re pencilled in brows!

You can now exercise knowing your brows will “Stay Put”

Looking good in the gym is essential for so many people and perfect brows is a huge part of that. Knowing your brows will stay in place means no more excuses for missing those workouts!

Your beauty routine is considerably reduced.

However this does not mean you should spend more time on another area of your routine!

You will realise that Permanent Makeup is the best thing ever!

You will start telling everyone how fab Permanent Makeup is and how you wish you had it done years ago!

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